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My Simple Anti-Ageing Skincare Routine

I don’t like the term ‘anti-ageing’ because ageing is a privilege and shouldn’t be thought of negatively but it’s a snappier title than ‘The Ultimate Skincare Routine to Help Get Rid of Fine Lines and Prevent Wrinkles and Stop Your Face from Sagging’ so there we have it.

I am going to be 33 next week and now that my skin has stopped freaking out after coming off the contraceptive pill, the main focus of my skincare routine is to prevent fine lines turning into wrinkles and to try and keep the collagen production up (your skin apparently produces 1% less collagen each year after the age of 25 hmph.) I’m really pleased with how my skin is doing at the moment and I think sticking to a relatively simple routine definitely works best for me. It’s always tempting to try loads of different serums and creams and the new ‘wonder’ ingredient but then you never know what is working, what is causing any breakouts etc. Just in case anyone was wondering, I have never had any Botox or filler and I don’t plan to anytime soon.

There are so many skincare ranges with so many different ingredients that claim to fight off the signs of ageing these days. It can be very confusing to know what to go for and how to make a consistent routine. I personally like to keep it relatively simple and go with what has the most proven results from clinical trials and research so I’m leaving the gold flakes, diamond powders, peptides, collagen creams and seaweed extracts alone for now.

For me, SPF and Vitamin A are by far the most important anti-ageing ingredients and they are the focus of my skincare routine. I have outlined my morning and evening routine below. I got the NuFace microcurrent device for Christmas and I’m using that every evening after I cleanse at the moment too and I’m really liking it so far. I’ll be doing a dedicated review of that on the blog after I have used it for a couple of months.


- I try not to wash my face too often because it leads to dehydration so I usually skip cleansing and just sweep over my face with The Inkey List PHA Toner or the Alex Steinherr exfoliating pads in the morning. These both very gently exfoliate and they also both contain niacinamide, which helps with sebum production and redness.

- I then apply a hydrating serum. I’m not particularly fussy about which one as long as it is hyaluronic acid based and preferably fragrance-free. Hydrated skin is happy skin. You could use a vitamin C serum in this step instead for some anti-oxidant protection if you wanted, the Skin City UK one is great. I personally don’t use vitamin C because it clogs my skin and leads to breakouts but if you’re not acne-prone then go for it.

- It’s then time for moisturiser. CeraVe moisturisers will always and forever be my favourite.

- Now for the most important part: SPF SPF SPF. I use SPF 50 every single day and I have a whole blog post on why it is so important here. At the moment I’m really liking the Sunsense SPF 50 and I also think the La Roche Posay SPFs are brilliant.

The key to the morning routine is the SPF so even if you just wash your face, skip the hydrating serum and just use plenty of moisturising SPF, that is still great.


- I use a cleansing balm or micellar cleanser with a microfibre cloth to take my makeup and SPF off. I then go in with a gel cleanser to do a second cleanse to actually clean the skin and get it ready for the serum. I love the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser, CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser or the Skin City UK Soft Foaming Cleanser.

- It is then time for the star of the show – a Vitamin A serum aka retinol. I have done a whole blog post on Vitamin A and why it is so magical here. If you follow my Instagram then you’ll know that I am now using a prescription strength Vitamin A but I would recommend starting off with an over the counter product that is easier to tolerate and then build up the strength. There are lots of recommendations in my vitamin A blog post. I am going to be doing a blog post on my Tretinoin experience soon.

- You can then go in with the same moisturiser that was used in the morning.

I will do The Ordinary Peeling Solution mask a couple of times a month for a deep exfoliation, the Sarah Chapman 3D moisture infusion hydrating masks when my skin needs some extra hydration and the Omorovicza UltraMoor Mud Mask if I feel my skin ever feels clogged and needs a deeper cleanse. I will also massage my face with squalane oil if it’s feeling dry from the Tretinoin and winter weather. I go through phases of using eye cream but I often skip it to be honest.

Let me know if you have any questions on anything.

Lauren x

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