• Lauren Hughes

My Instagram Set Up

I get lots of lovely comments on my Instagram posts on a daily basis nowadays asking about my shelves and where they are from, I'm so pleased people like them! I thought it would be useful to talk about it on here as they are not as straightforward as they appear…

When I moved into my flat last year, I invested in a beautiful art deco dressing table from Swoon Editions (I knew I would be spending a lot of time sat at it doing my skincare.) I absolutely love it, I’m obsessed with gold so it was just perfect for me and the green shelf is so unique.

For my birthday back in January, my boyfriend, knowing my love of gold, very kindly surprised me with the gold and blue eye tray from online shop Ooh Deer to sit on my dresser. It just so happens to go perfectly with the shelf, they look made for each other!

I hope this is helpful for those who have asked about the shelves.

Lauren x



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